Updated: 23/08/2023

Welcome to Essendon Little Athletics

The 2023/2024 Summer Track & Field season starts at 8am on Saturday 7st October 2023 and continues weekly until late March 2023, with a break over the Christmas period.

4 year olds can commence in Little Aths (U6 age group) from the start of the track & field season as long as they turn 5 years old on, or prior to, 31st December 2023. Athletes turning 5 years old after 31st December 2023 can commence participation on/after their 5th birthday.

Cost: ELAC Registration fees for the 2023/2024 Season:

1 athlete family = $190
2 athlete family = $360 (10% discount for the 2nd child)
3 or more athlete family = $515 (20% discount for the 3rd child, subsequent children free)

Cross Country: ELAC Registration fees for the 2024 Season:

Per athlete = $80
The cost covers the whole cross country season, there is no payment or registration required for those who were registered for the 2023/24 Summer season.

Please note: Registration fees are non-refundable.

New athletes are able to sign up for a free two week trial by clicking the “Register for a Trial” link below.

How to register:  New and returning athletes can register through the Little Athletics portal. The portal is now open! You will need to complete the registration process and pay online. Click on the “Register for Little Aths” button on below and follow the directions.

Proof of Age (eg. Birth Certificate, Passport, Immunisation Certificate) must be shown on later than the Thursday before your first Little Athletics morning via email/text/facetime to phone number 0421 438 547 or If proof of age is not sighted the registration will not be finalised and your child will be ineligible for points.

Uniform: ELAC T-Shirts/Single/Crop Tops are required to be worn each week. 

All athletes to wear the Centre black shorts or Black shorts of their choice.

For more information on ELAC uniforms, please follow the “Uniform Information” link below.

Parental Obligations: At Essendon Little Athletics Centre, parents/guardians who register a child for season 2023/24 are required to complete a minimum number of duties (six) throughout the season. ELAC is run by volunteers and help by all parents is crucial for the Centre to operate. A parent or guardian is required to be in attendance at all times.

If you have any further queries, please email: